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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer here, please edit the page and add a question at the bottom of the page. Note that this wiki software consists of more than the CHAT web and that there is a good amount of documentation available through the System web's WebSearch page for those who wish to know how foswiki works.

Where do I start?

Please take a look at the TwentyMinuteTutorial page, which describes the basics of use and how to create a login.

Feel free to create test topics in the Sandbox web (all the webs are accessed from the lower left pane).

Once you've familiarised yourself with the basics please take a look at what has been put together so far on the CHAT web home page.

One of the things I would like to have worked out is a protocol for commenting and discussing aspects of the content of the concept pages. So far, I have plumped for creating an associated page with each concept page in order to discuss the detail. For example, see the unit of analysis commentary page.

So, one way to help is to read through the content already there and if you find some content you'd like to question, experiment with putting that question etc in the Commentary page. If you'd also like to help with adding detail to the concepts, AndyBlunden can give you some details on that too along with the particular style conventions we've adopted so far.

Can I use single word WikiNames? How?

We are using single and multiword names for the CHAT web. Single word WikiNames require a little more work as they must be marked up explicitly when editing a page by enclosing the word in two sets of square brackets without spaces [ [ Word ] ] , such as Action and ActionCommentary (look at this page in edit mode to see the difference).

What writing conventions are we using?

1. For "first class" concept topics write the wiki name on the CHAT web's home page and then create the new topic page by mouse clicking on that link. The only reason we are doing this is to try to keep the parent topics tidy. When a new topic page is created by clicking on a new WikiName the new topics parent is set to the page where the WikiName resided, hence all "first class" CHAT concepts/topics have their parent topic as WebHome.

2. Each concept page (such as Action) should have a corresponding commentary page. The naming convention is to use Commentary as the suffix of the WikiName that it provides commentary on (such as ActionCommentary). At the bottom of the concept page, create a WikiName for the corresponding Commentary page, and follow this link so that the Commentary page's parent topic is the concept page. Take a look at the Action page as an example by going to this page and clicking the "View wiki text" option at the bottom of the page.

How do I change the parent topic?

Go to the topic page you wish to change. There is a menu option (currently in the bottom right hand corner) called "More topic actions". One of the options available here is to "Set new topic parent".

Can I subscribe to mail alerts to topic page changes?

At 30 mins past the hour a "web notification" script is run which will send a list of topic changes that have occurred since the previous notification. If no changes have occurred, no email should be sent.

To subscribe to this notification, a registered email address is required and the WebNotify page must be edited.

To change or set your email address follow the options presented on the ChangeEmailAddress page.

Then, to request notifications of changes to the wiki content, edit the WebNotify page and place your user WikiName in the bullet point list. I suggest copying and pasting one of the current lines and replacing the name part with your own user WikiName.

By putting your WikiName in on this page you are subscribing to all updates within the CHAT web. There are examples on the WebNotify page of how to fine tune your subscription (e.g. to particular topic pages).

Once we have more users of the wiki I will probably need to change the notification to daily rather than hourly, because 24 mails per day might become a nuisance!

Foswiki is also equipped with RSS/news feeds which may provide a more sophisticated means for each user to determine the frequency of news/notifications.

Note that very recent content may not be picked up by the notifcation, because by default edits to topics are grouped into new versions by the hour (so that 5 consecutive edits of a page appear as a single new version) to override this, tick the "force new version" box when saving changes to an edit.

So, if you're editing commentary and you want others to see it sooner, tick the force new version on your last edit for that session.

Who can edit my pages? Can my work be deleted?

Presently, most pages can be edited by any registered user. This may change later. Permissions options are available along the lines of operating system file permissions. Old page contents are retained on this wiki, this allows users to see the history of a page. To see the history click on the the history link at the bottom of the page you are interested in.

Pages within the CHAT web cannot presently be deleted by conventional users. To request a page to be deleted email HuwLloyd.

Is this wiki backed up?

Back ups are run daily by administrators of the host server (LCHC).

-- HuwLloyd - 19 Nov 2013
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