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Practice means purposive activity; a practice is a form of purposive activity which is in some way routinised or institutionalised.


‘Practice’ is derived from the Latin practizare and the synonymous Latinised Greek word praxis – to direct practical experience, carry on a profession, habitual or customary mode of action, method, technique, etc., and has always had the meaning of conscious, purposive activity.

‘Practice’ and ‘praxis’ are synonymous in Marxist literature, including CHAT. However, the use of the phrase ‘theory and practice’, in reference to the practical and theoretical aspects of practice, has tended to suggest that theory was something distinct even opposite to practice. This is one of the reasons that the synonym praxis has come into use to definitively mean a unity of both practical and theoretical activity.

Practice in the sense in which Marx uses the term in Theses on Feuerbach, is synonymous with activity in the sense given it in CHAT, but “a practice” had not yet been given the scientific meaning which Leontyev gave to “an activity.”


Marx, K. (1845) Theses on Feuerbach.

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