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Suggested CHAT Reading List


The methods of reflexological and psychological investigation, 1925

The Problem of the Cultural Development of the Child, 1929

The Instrumental Method in Psychology, 1930

Genesis of Higher Mental Functions, 1931

Research Method, 1931

The Problem of the Environment, 1934

The Problem of Age, 1934

Tool and symbol in child development (with A. R. Luria), 1934

The Nature of the Crisis, 1928

Two Psychologies, 1928

Thinking and Speech, §1 The Problem and the Method of Investigation, 1934

Thinking and Speech, §4 The Genetic Roots of Thinking and Speech, 1934

Thinking and Speech, §5 An Experimental Study in Concept Development, 1934

Thinking and Speech, §6 The Development of Scientific Concepts in Childhood, 1934

Thinking and Speech, §7 Thought and Word, 1934

Biographies of Lev Vygotsky

Obituary by Alexander Luria, 1935,

On Vygotsky’s Creative Development, by A. N. Leontyev, 1979,


The Problem of the Cultural Behavior of the Child, 1928


A Contribution to the Theory of the Development of the Child’s Psyche, 1945

A Propos of the Historical Development of Consciousness, 1947

An outline of the evolution of the psyche, 1981

Activity and Consciousness, 1977


Theses on Feuerbach, 1845

The Method of Political Economy, 1857

Preface to the Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, 1859

Preface to the First German Edition of Capital, 1867


The Concept of the Ideal, 1977


Learning by Expanding, Chapter 2, 1987

The Activity System, 1987

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