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Here are some topics which need to be added (list provided by AndyBlunden).

Activity Theory: Activity Theory, Goal, Motive, Really Effective Motive, Merely Understood Motive, System of Activity, Contradiction, Rules and Norms, Community, Division of Labour, Activity Setting

Meaning, Situation, Zone of Proximal Development, Zoped, Sense, Sign, Tool (Instrument), Stimulus, Psychological Tool/Technical Tool, Crisis, Phase/Period, Critical/Lytical, Neoformation, Conscious Awareness, Instrumental Method, Speech (speaking), Thinking, Thought, Inner Speech, Ego-Centric Speech, Context, Leading Activity, General Psychology, Defectology.

CHAT, Learning, Development, Culture, Intersubjective/Intrasubjective, Play, Imagination, Self, Agency, Institution, Introspection, The Unconscious, Social Behaviour, Appropriation, Mind, Emotion, Affect, Feeling, Reflex, Conditioned Reflex, Affordance, Social/Societal, Generalisation, Personality, Objectification, Collaboration, Dualism

Russian terms: obuchenie (learning and instruction), obshchenie (social communication), otnoshenie (attitude or orientation), edinstvo (unity), edinitsa (unit), predmet (Gegenstand), obyekt (Objekt), tsyeli (goal), sobitye (event), proyekt (design, project), postuplenie (flow).

German terms: Gestalt, Aufhebung, Tätigkeit, Aktivität, Objekt, Gegenstand, Arbeitsgegenstand.

Biographies: Vygotsky, Luria, A. N. Leontyev, Rubenstein, Davydov, Elkonin, Ilyenkov, Mikhailov.
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